About Us

ClixHome is an Aurora paid to click website based in E.U.
Script: Aurora Coderz Deluxe

ClixHome offers the following services:
- Paid To Click (PTC)
- Paid To Read (PTR)
- Paid To Signup (PTSU)
- Paid to Read Emails
- Traffic Exchange

Members Benefits:
- Earn money with PTC, PTR, PTSU, OfferWalls and Games
- Earn money with ClixGrid
- Earn money with our Lottery
- Earn money with our Weekly Purchase Contest
- Earn money with our Monthly Referral Contest
- Earn money with our Daily Click Contest
- Earn Prizes with our Daily Ticket Contest
- Small Cashout through Paypal

Advertisers Benefits:
- Affordable Pricing
- Target the Traffic to your Website
- Bulk Purchase Discounts
- Super High Click-thru Rate
- Real Time Statistics
- Strong Anti-cheat Protection
- Advertise starts at only $1.00
- Check our Specials for more!
- Accept: Paypal and CryptoCoins

Earnings credited to program account withdrawal paid within 7 business days.
Minimum withdrawal: $1.15
Bonus for referral earnings: 5%
Bonus for referral purchases: 5%
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Become a member and earn money by simply viewing ads & completing tasks.

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