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Summer Ads OfferAugust 03rd, 2018

On Sale summer ads offer! 15,000 Exchange Credits & 150,000 Banner Credits & 150,000 Featured Banner Credits & 150,000 Featured Ad Credits!!! Buy Now for Just $2.00! The offer is Feautured at the Homepage and Store Page. Hurry up and get your ads it's limited time offer!

Scheduled Maintenance Tomorrow April 19April 19th, 2017
ClixHome will be updated tomorrow April 19 to the latest version of the script and it will be at maintenance mode during upgrade time. Maintenance mode will be for short time and it will resume to normal when the updates are completed.rnMany new features will be available after the update hope all will enjoy them.
Memberships and AdvertisementNovember 01st, 2016
Our community grows month by month. I would like to reward you for the good job. During November All members that will buy any upgrade or any advertisement will get 50% extra added to their account! For example if a member buys 1 month membership I will add 15 days to his account. He will get 45 days of premium membership while he paid only for 30! Just be patient after your purchase because I have to manually add the bonuses. Same applies for advertisement purchases!
Referrals and Subscriptions SalesSeptember 16th, 2016
Referral selling is enabled now at our store. Referrals sold are active within last three 3 days with minimum 60 clicks. These settings chosen to make sure you will not buy inactive referrals. Price is $0.75 for each one. You can recycle them after 45 days and price for recycling is $0.05 for each inactive referral. Summer discounts with PayPal and Payza still active. Discounts will last till the end of the month! Buy your advertisement your subscription or your referrals now!
PTCwall addedAugust 15th, 2016
PTCwall successfully added to the PTC ads area. Now you have one additional way for earnings! Your earnings will be automatically added to your balance!
Summer DiscountJuly 28th, 2016
Point Store is open now and it's ideal to buy small advertisments at low prices. Official store prices have discount of 15% for purchases paid with your Cash Account Funds. Purchases paid with PayPal have 10% discount! Also there is 10% discount for purchases paid with Payza! Discounts are calculated automatically at checkout.
About clicking the Bot AD!July 26th, 2016

Hello members!

I noticed that few members click the BOT AD! its the RED one in PTC area.

You are not allowed to click that! This ad is there to ensure that no bots are clicking the ads!

Till now, no action was taken for clicking this add.

Now its set to empty the member's points balance.

IF You CLICK IT 6 times you get banned from the clicking contest

IF You CLICK IT 20 times you get suspended from the site.

I will do my best so cheaters will not be able to win the clicking contest

Thank you, Admin

Email providers and login issues!July 26th, 2016

Some members cant activate their accounts and cant login.

Kindly follow this advises to login now!

Do Not Use Hotmail MSN Outlook Live AOL Mail.RU Because you wont receive our activation email. Its best to use Gmail or Yahoo to ensure receiving your activation email.

If you already registered with one of the above emails and unable to access your account

Go to Login Page Click Activate Your Account then click Change MY Email Address.

Enter your username password and new email then click Update My Email Address.

if you still having problems to login contact us at

Welcome to ClixHome!!!July 17th, 2016

ClixHome is an Aurora paid to click website based in E.U.

Script: Aurora Coderz Deluxe

ClixHome offers the following services:

- Paid To Click (PTC)

- Paid To Read (PTR)

- Paid To Signup (PTSU)

- Paid to Read Emails

- Traffic Exchange

Members Benefits:

- Earn money with PTC, PTR, PTSU and Paid Emails

Read the full message at:

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